Q: What does FAQ stand for?

A: We have no idea, but it’s on every successful website, so we thought we’d have it too. You’d be surprised how frequently we get asked that question.


Q: Why did you call your webcomic “guys w/ weird heads?”

A: All questions about the name should be redirected to Frank*.


Q: What’s up with the gravy?

A: What isn’t up with the gravy! But seriously, gravy is like the lifeblood of the universe. It makes the merry-go-round go round. It makes those weird little monkeys hit their cymbals together. It makes pinatas bleed candy. It makes everything that’s wonderful, wonderful. Without it, there would be no gravy.


Q: Why are you so good at life?

A: I’m sorry, I cannot disclose that information at the moment. However, some say that there is a code hidden in our comics that, if deciphered, will tell you the meaning of life.

Some also say that we employ muskrats to write our comics.


Q: Are you guys professionals?

A: If by “professionals” you mean “not professionals,” then yes, we are! How kind of you to notice.


Q: How often do you guys update?

On a strict “whenever we feel like” schedule. And we usually feel like it a few times a week.


Q: I don’t get joke X?

That’s not really a question? Also, you probably won’t get every joke. Heck, even we don’t get half the stuff that tumbles out of our mouths.


Q: Why would you joke about Y? What is wrong with you?

“When people are laughing, they’re generally not killing each other.”  ~ Alan Alda

We feel the compulsive need to placate the masses. If Y seems a bit off-color to you, just remember that color is merely reflected light.


Q: Wait…did you steal joke Z?

Most probably! Unintentionally, of course. There is nothing new around these days, only old things re-used in new context. Anything that will be done in the future most probably has already been done in the past.


Q: Seriously, what’s up with the gravy?

Get out. Now.



*Frank may or may not be real.