This webcomic did not start out as some guy uploading his drawings to some site.

It did not start out as some sort of project for school.

It did not come about as the product of a bet.

It was not created to honor a dying friend’s final wish.

It was not gifted to me by a purple alien who crash-landed onto Earth and then promptly died.

It was not handed down through the generations of my family.

It did not spontaneously come into existence by unknown means.

It did not start out as a joke and slowly change over time into something real.

It did not feed off of the energies leaking from the old nuclear reactor I recently found in my backyard and create itself. Most definitely not.

This webcomic,

started out,

as a webcomic.

This is the truth, people. The only truth. No truer truth has been spoken since some neanderthal once said “Rock.” Ladies and gentlemen, extraterrestrials and extinct species of animals, plant life and non-sentient living things, inanimate objects and waffles, I give you…


The answer to life, the universe, and e-

Giant Western Waffle Hats

porcupines with top hats

Guys with white hair

The Webcomic of Guys With Problems

Great White Wailing Hippos

Girls With Wide Hips

guys w/ weird heads